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Enjoy the dining experience we have to offer.

Taking on the legacy of the formally known restaurant, we are delighted for the new change with new revised menu from our chef.

We pride in bring to your table the freshest produce by visiting markets and suppliers to ensure the quality of the produce used are to our upmost standard quality.

Our ambience taken care of to the best as we can, with a compromising Japanese style GARDEN in our courtyard, whether in summer or winter.

Enjoy the season as we prepare the seasonal dishes.

Please make yourself at home in FUJITEI.


With years of culinary proficiency under his belt, Lucas serves as the head chef of Oshokujidokoro FUJITEI. Training in the pinnacle of Japanese restaurant in Singapore in his young ages, where the clear requirements to be a top chef is raised, Lucas brings together the unity of a spectacular dining culture featuring the elements of 'Wasyoko'.

The 'Narawashi (custom)' of 'Syoku (dining)' in Japanese food culture is based on the people’s spirit to 'Honour the Nature', and we call this 'Wasyoku', which is the traditional culture of Japanese food. The concept of 'Wasyoku' is registered and satisfies the criteria for inscription on the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Put your palate in the hands of Lucas. He creates a fusion of flavours with respect to the natural taste of the wide variety of Melbourne’s finest ingredients and sometimes revolutionary combinations. Cuisines crafted from raw ingredients with the utmost care to health and a well-balanced meal without artificial flavours.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the change of seasons and deep ties of family and community through artistic plating.

Japanese Restaurant St Kilda

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