Appetiser / Entrée

Oyster shooter Freshly shucked oyster with ponzu and salmon roe 6ea
Oyster Kakisu Freshly shucked oyster with spicy (3pc)
White Radish and dash of ponzu (1/2)
Tuna Tataki Seared Tuna with homemade special ponzu 15
Edatsuki Edamame Boiled edamame on stem 9
Ikura Oroshi (2pc) Slice of salmon topped with grated white radish with salmon roe garnish
Soy duck breast Sliced steamed duck breast with mustard and ponzu 15
Gyoza Pork or Vege (5pc) Pan Fried Gyoza either Pork or Vege 12
Beef Tataki Slice Seared beef scotch slice with grated white radish and special ponzu sauce 16
Soft Shell Crab Deep fried soft shell crab with mayonnaise 14
Rolled Dashi Egg Sweetened egg cooked Japanese omelette 13
Age Dashi Tofu (3pc) Deep fried silken tofu with soy base dashi 12
Sakura Tako (5pc) Boiled then steamed Octopus in sweet mirin and soy 18
Hotate Yaki (1pc) Hokkaido (Japanese scallop), pan seared in Japanese sake dressed and flame torched Mentai (Spicy cod roe) mayonnaise 9

For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff



SUSHI Assortment

Sushi and Sashimi Signature Combination
Combination of sushi and sashimi presented in chef’s special arrangement.
Perfect to share amongst 2-4 people

Nigiri Sushi Ala carte (2pc per serve on price)
Maguro Freshly sliced tuna Nigiri 9
Salmon Freshly sliced Tasmanian salmon Nigiri 8
Hamachi Freshly sliced hiramasa King fish Nigiri 9
Shiromi Freshly sliced white fish for the day 7
Tobiko Flying fish roe 8
Tako (octopus) Boiled octopus 8
Ikura Large size salmon caviar 12
Scallop Japanese Hokkaido Scallop 9
Scampi (1pc) Whole Scampi 10
Anago (1pc) Whole Anago (ocean eel) 8
Nigiri Sushi Chef's Selection
2 Pc  3 kinds 33
2 Pc 5 kinds 50
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff


MAKI Rolled Sushi

Chu Maki (Medium Rolls 4pc)
FUJITEI Maki Inside out tuna and salmon sushi roll, coated in Crispy Tempura, topped with ikura (salmon Roe) 15
Spider Roll Inside out softshell crab roll with special spice sauce, topped with tobiko (fly fish roe) 16
Ebi Ten Roll (8pc) Inside out tempura prawn roll top with tobiko mayonnaise   16
Unagi Roll (8pc) Deceived by the name, ultimate eel roll. Camembert cheese and cucumber roll. Topped with whole piece Eel, with chefs 
Original unagi sauce (reduced sweet soy)
Hoso Maki (Thin Rolls 6pc)
Tekka Maki Fresh raw tuna hosomaki (thin roll) 9
Salmon Maki  Fresh salmon filet hosomaki (thin roll) 9
Tobiko Maki  Fly fish row hosomaki (thin roll) 9
Avocado Maki Ripe avocado hosomaki (thin roll) 8
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff



FUJITEI Signature Carpaccio Combination
Marinated in our original blended Basil Olive oil vinaigrette
Tuna, Salmon, King Fish 3 kinds 30
Tuna, Salmon, King Fish, Boiled Octopus, Scallop 5 kinds 48
(3pc serving/kind)
Ala carte Carpaccio (5pc)
Tuna 22
Salmon 20
Kingfish 22
Scallop  22
Tako (boiled Octopus) 20
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff


Standard Generally Tuna, salmon, and white fish of the day 25
Premium Variety of fillet of our freshest fish of the day 37
Omakase Finest top selection from the chef 68
Tuna Sashimi (5pc) Freshly sliced tuna 18
Salmon Sashimi (5pc) Freshly sliced salmon 16
Hamachi Sashimi (5pc) Freshly sliced hiramasa kingfish 18
Scampi Sashimi (3pc) Freshly deshelled whole scampi 28
Tako Sashimi (5pc) Sliced boiled Octopus  18
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff



FUJITEI Garden Salad Green veg and salad with our home made dressing 16
Softshell crab Salad Deep fried softshell crab dressed in original salad dressing 18
Salmon Salad Fresh salmon slices on fresh garden salad with homemade dressing 18
Tuna Salad Fresh Tuna slice on fresh garden salad 20
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff


Tempura Udon
(Hot or Cold)
Udon (Thick rice noodles) topped with Assorted or seasonal veg tempura in soup 18
Tempura Soba
(Hot or Cold)
Soba (buck wheat noodles) topped with Assorted or seasonal veg tempura in soup 18
For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff




Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Pan fried fresh salmon slice with our original teriyaki sweet sauce garnished with hard veg    18
Sizzling Tuna Steak (140g) Pan fried fresh tuna block with wasabi based soy sauce served on a hot Sizzling plate  22
Teriyaki Mush Steak Pan Seared whole Large Flat Mushroom  with Teriyaki sauce 20
Unagi Kabayaki Whole Eel fillet, grilled over with special sauce and glazed with sweet soy 26 
Lamb Cutlets Lamb cutlet from the rack served on home made sweet soy marinade 28
Chicken Teriyaki Chicken thigh fillet, pan-fried with chef’s original sweet Teriyaki sauce 18
Beef STEAK (130g) Steak to your liking, served on our special Homemade Japanese BBQ sauce 32
Salmon Mentai Yaki Pan Fried fresh Salmon fillet dressed and Glazed with spicy cod roe mayonnaise 22
Gin Dara Saikyo Miso Yaki Cured black cod in chef’s special miso, Grilled to enhance the flavour 22
Saba Shio Yaki Grilled Japanese pike, sides with grated White radish and lemon wedge 18

For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff




Tempura Moriawase Assortment of tiger prawn, white fish and vegetables tempura    22
Ebi Tempura Tiger prawn Tempura (5pc) 24
Yasai Tempura Assorted seasonal vegetable tempura 16
Agebitashi Chicken Deep Fried Thigh chicken with skin soaked in soy and dashi based broth  22 
Tori Karaage (5pc) Thigh fillet chicken with skin marinated in our original sauce before fried 17
Japanese Taraba Crab Japanese Taraba crab leg tempura 45
Gohan Steamed Rice 3
Miso Shiru Soy Bean paste (miso) soup with seaweed Tofu and spring onion 3
Ikura Chawan Mushi Steamed savoury egg a silk texture soft egg topped with salmon caviar 12
Kani Ankake Chawan Mushi Steamed savoury egg with Taraba(JPN) Crab 13

For any allergic requirements Please advise our staff